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Previous Recipients

2020, Online


Yifan Shen (Brown University, USA), "The Nonlinear Linkage between Earnings Homogamy and Earnings Inequality between Married Couples"

2019, New York, USA


Yifeng Wan (Johns Hopkins University, USA), "When the State Retreats: Work Units, Marital Regulation, and Rising Divorce Rates in China"

Honorable Mention:

Wen Xie (University of Chicago, USA), "Double Bounded Autonomy and Regional Development: Pathways toward Capitalism in China"

2018, Princeton, USA


Cheng Cheng (Princeton University, USA), "Women's Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China"

Fangqi Wen (New York University, USA), "Differential Fertility, Assortative Mating and Economic Inequality: An Unintended Consequence of China's One-Child Policy"

Co-Honorable Mentions:

Ran Liu (University of Pennsylvannia, USA), “Gender-Math Stereotype, Biased Self-Assessment, and Aspiration in STEM Careers: The Gender Gap among Early Adolescents in China”

Angran Li (University of Connecticut, USA), "Unfulfilled Promise of Educational Meritocracy? Academic Ability and Urban-Rural Gap in Access to Higher Education in China"